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Parque Arqueológico Nacional de San Agustín

San Agustín is one of the best known archaeological zones of Northern South America and the greatest complex of megalithic monuments of pre-Columbian America. It is made up of a group of archaeological sites dispersed on a broad region in the upper valley of the Magdalena River, in the Colombian Southwest. Recognized by Unesco in 1995 as World Heritage, San Agustín symbolizes the ability of pre-Columbian societies of northern South America to create and express, especially through monolithic sculptures, earthen mounds and funerary corridors, their singular social organization and worldview. The Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia, ICANH, a national authority in archaeological matters, is directly responsible for the research and protection of the archaeological heritage and manages the National Park of San Agustín, aiming, through the display in situ of diverse kinds of archaeological evidence, to promote knowledge of this singular culture and of cultural diversity in general.